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Current Exhibits

South Gallery

Temporary Exhibit  May 14, 2017 – April 1, 2018

Votes For Women: The Suffrage Movement in Ontario County
In honor of New York State’s Centennial Celebration of the passage of their Women’s Suffrage Constitutional Amendment
this exhibit presents the history of the struggle for women’s suffrage rights in the Unites States.

Artifacts, Textiles and a plethora of images follow a time line that dates the struggle for women’s rights back to founding of our country.

North Gallery

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HOW DO WE GET THERE FROM HERE? Exhibit Closes Sat. April 2, 2016
19th Century Transportation
in Ontario County

This age-old question motivated people in New York to develop and utilize transportation systems from footpaths, rivers and roads, to canals and railroads. In the 19th century, these systems moved settlers and travelers, raw materials, agricultural and manufactured products from farms and villages to cities across the region and country. Transportation links helped create regional economies, and impacted land use and development. In this exhibit we will look at how modes of transportation contributed to the development of the Ontario County region from 1790 to 1900.

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Lower Level

Pioneer Kitchen Exhibit
When the Ontario County Historical Museum was built in 1914, a “Pioneer Kitchen” period room was installed. Although education programs are held in this space, its appearance has changed very little in 100 years.

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