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Staff and Board

The Ontario County Historical Society, a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation was established on December 4, 1902 when it received its Charter from the Regents of the State of New York (no. 01549). Its operation is governed by a Constitution, By-Laws approved by its membership.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees has 13 – 17 members and meets the second Tuesday of each month. As the Society’s governing body it is responsible for policy that governs the Society and the museum. Members are elected with 3 year staggered terms in November of each year. Executive Committee members serve one year terms and are elected by the membership each November.

Executive Committee

President: Chris Hubler
Vice President: David Hewson
Treasurer: John Zappia
Secretary: Carole Lillis


Executive Director: Edward J. Varno
Curator: Wilma T. Townsend
Museum Educator: Preston E. Pierce
Accountant: Ernie Maiorani
Receptionist: Maureen Baker
Receptionist P.T.: Barbara Hill
*Librarian: Linda Alexander
*Research Coordinator: Betty McMahon
IT Administrator: OS Cubed
*Facilities Support: Gene Rogers
*Chronicles Editor: Darlys Boates
* Volunteer position

Board of Trustees

Tom Albanese
Geoff Astles
John Berndt
Linda Farchione-Hawks
Nancy Hayden
David Hewson – Vice President
Chris Hubler- President
David Keefe
Carole Lillis – Secretary
Charles Parkhurst
Louise Radak
Dr. Robert Ward
David White
John Zappia- Treasurer