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Bookstore – Biographies


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Gideon Granger
$ 11.56

by: Arthur S. Hamlin

Documents the life of Gideon Granger along with letters between Washington, DC and his wife Mindwell Pease.

Rochester History
$ 8.88

by Preston E. Pierce

Liberian Dreams, West African Nightmare: The Life of Henry W. Johnson, who left early Canandaigua to resettle in Libera. Paperback

Mary Clark Thompson
$ 8.88

by: Lynda McCurdy Hotra

A 40 page pamphlet on the life and events of Mary Clark Thompson

A Man Who Could Stand Prosperity
John North Willys
$ 8.82

by Preston E. Pierce

The unrecognized legacy of John North Willys, a Canandaigua native who rose in industry to rival Henry Ford in the auto Industry . This book chronicles the life and business career of this industrialist motorman. Facinating read. Sprial bound.

Abraham Lincoln
Self-Made in America
$ 5.65

A paperback book containing 49 pages about the life of President Lincoln.  Chapters include his marriage, life as a lawyer, the politician, in Washington, DC, Commander-in-Chief, as president, and the emancipation.

And Who Was She Anyhow?
Sarah H. Bradford – Biographer of Harriet Tubman
$ 12.37

by Preston E. Pierce

A chronicle of the biographer of abolitionist, Harriet Tubman, paperback.

Abraham Lincoln:
Unfinished Legacy
$ 9.90

A teachers resource book.  Paperback book contains 56 pages covering: Lincoln on the founding documents, as a lawyer, every unfinished work, the Emancipation Proclamation, Lincoln’s Oratory, and exploring his life and legacy. 

Frogleg George:
The Legend No One Really Knew
$ 14.20

by John M. Robertella

John Preissecker was known as Frogleg George. Find out why. This book brings this unique character and Rochester legend to life. Paperback.

The Complete Guide to Village Life in America
$ 27.45

by Nancy T. Hayden

The accompanying guide to Carolyn Cowles Richards classic diary, “Village Life in America”. Learn more about the people and places in mid 1800’s Canandaigua. Sprial bound.