South Gallery

(long-term exhibit)

DESIRES, OPPORTUNITIES, CHANGE: The Shaping of Western New York, 1650-1797
Today the western New York landscape you see is rolling hills, fields, lakeside vacation homes, industrial cities and suburban malls. In this exhibit we encourage you to look back at the period of 1650-1797, a time of great changes in the region. It was when the desire of individuals and nations transformed the forested center of Haudenosaunee life to an agrarian landscape that we still recognize today. It was a time of great ambition, of both greed and compassion, and of conflict and compromise between nations and cultures.


North Gallery

(changing exhibits)

TYING THE KNOT: 200 Years of Wedding Traditions, 1790-1990
A wedding is a universal rite of passage steeped in tradition, ceremony, and symbolism. This exhibit explores Ontario County weddings from 1790 to 1990 as reflected in the special gowns, outfits, accessories, photographs and life stories preserved to remember this special, life-changing event.

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Lower Level

Pioneer Kitchen Exhibit
When the Ontario County Historical Museum was built in 1914, a “Pioneer Kitchen” period room was installed. Although education programs are held in this space, its appearance has changed very little in 100 years.

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