People of Ontario County: George Gregg

Portrait of Gregg

In 1942, George Gregg was Canandaigua’s oldest citizen after turning 100 on May 24th. An avid hunter, Gregg was also the oldest state resident to take out a fishing permit when he was 98.

Born in Bristol in 1842, he was the son of John and Lucy Case Gregg. His grandfather, a British officer left wounded on the battlefield at Lexington, settled in that township at the close of the Revolutionary War.

On his 21st birthday in 1863, Gregg married Lovisa Case, who died on Mar. 31, 1923. They had six children, two who died in infancy.

Gregg died Dec. 19th, 1942 at his home on 230 Bristol Street at the age of 100.

Gregg receiving his fishing permit