People of Ontario County: Helen Stewart

Stewart posing with the family dog

Helen, along with her sister Peggy were well known portrait photographers in Canandaigua and beyond. In 1932, Peggy was named “Child Photographer in America,” and had her portraits hung in exhibitions throughout the U.S., Canada, England, France, and Japan. She photographed Franklin Roosevelt, King George, and Queen Elizabeth, among others.

Helen worked with her sister at the Stewart Studio on 108 S. Main in Canandaigua in the darkroom developing negatives.

By 1950, the sisters moved their studio to 55 Fort Hill Ave., and after Peggy’s death in 1967, Helen took over photographing duties until her death in 1984. Both sisters used a Century No. 2 Camera. OCHS houses over 13,500 negatives and 600 prints from the Stewart collection.




Stewart with the Century No. 2 Camera