Research at OCHS

We are a regional research center and depository for items related to Ontario County history and genealogical research. If you would like to conduct your own research, see Research Room Use below. If you would like to submit a research request to our staff, see Research Requests below.

Research Room Use

If you plan to visit the Historical Society for research, please call or email to set up an appointment so we can better serve you.

OCHS members, and members of the Ontario County Genealogy Society, can do their own research in the museum without charge.

Non-members will be charged $10 per day for use of the research facility. Copies and print-outs for members and non-members are 25 cents per page. Scanning by staff is also 25 cents per page for staff time.

Research room fees and donations support our archives and collections.

Research Room Essentials

Staff members are available to help locate items related to your research topics.
Wi-fi is available.
The research room has a public access desk-top computer for your use.
Your personal computer, tablet, and smartphone are welcome.
You may take pictures of documents and records.
You may bring pencil and paper for note taking. Please do not use pens or markers in the research room.
Please do not eat or drink in the research room.
If you will be here for the day, you are welcome to bring your lunch to eat in our meeting room or on our front porch. Downtown restaurants are a two-minute walk from the museum.

Research Requests

There is no charge for basic research requests than can be fulfilled by staff within half an hour. Staff research time after 30 minutes will be charged at the rate of $30 per hour with prior approval by the client.

OCHS is committed to sustainable practices, which includes digital sharing of research findings. Physical copies, when requested, are charged at 25 cents per page and will have an additional $5.00 flat fee for basic shipping and handling.

To submit a research request, please complete the Online Research Authorization Form below. Please provide as much information as possible such as alternate spellings of names, time period, and locations.

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