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Suffrage – Canandaigua

Fanny B. Ames

Fanny Baker Ames was born Julia Frances Baker in Canandaigua, New York. She spent much of her adult life in Philadelphia and Boston, working for charitable and political causes. In all her endeavors, she worked closely with her husband, Charles Gordon Ames, a Unitarian minister whom she married in 1863. In 1888, the Ameses settled permanently in Boston, where Ames held various offices in Massachusetts and New England suffrage associations, including the presidency of the Boston Equal Suffrage Association. In addition, she served on the Boston School Committee and the original Board of Trustees of Simmons College, and was the first woman to be appointed factory inspector in Massachusetts.
Ames died at the age of 91 in Barnstable, Massachusetts, survived by a stepson and two daughters. For further information, see Notable American Women, 1607-1950 (Cambridge, Mass., 1971), which includes a list of additional sources. Harvard University Library

Caroline Severance

Caroline Seymour Severance PDF

1904 County Convention

Florence H. Stewart

  • (1893-1983), remained single
  • Born in Syracuse, parents were Dr. Chester Stewart (physician) and May Cooper Stewart (schoolteacher), they were divorced when she was a child
  • CA Class of 1910
  • Graduate of Buffalo State Teachers College, Columbia University, later took courses at Harvard in education, psychology
  • Active in founding the Ontario County League of Women Voters, on Board of Ontario County Mental Health
  • In 1920s was an instructor at Pine Manor, Dana Hall School, Wellesley, MA, a college prep school for girls – could then go on to Wellesley College
  • Established Lochland School for disabled children, in Geneva, was widely recognized as a pioneer in the education of children with developmental disabilities. Remained Executive Director for over fifty years until her death in 1983

Eleanore Myers Jewett

  • (1890-1967), spouse Dr. Harvey Jewett, 2 children
  • Originally from NYC, went to Barnard College, Columbia University – met husband there; moved to Clifton Springs then Canandaigua with him
  • Prolific writer, speaker, storyteller, strong involvement in education
  • On boards at Wood Library, member of several women’s clubs



Crystal Eastman

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Caroline C. Crane

(1873-1964), remained single

  • Father was one of the undertakers in Canandaigua
  • First woman admitted to the Bar in New York State
  • Practiced law in Canandaigua
  • Active in the Republican party

Caroline Crane PDF

Edith Wheeler Johnson

Edith Wheeler Johnson PDF

Frances M. Brunson

Frances M. Brunson PDF

May Cooper Stewart

May Cooper Stewart PDF

Nathan Milliken

Nathan Milliken PDF

Rev James Thomas Dougherty

Rev James Thomas Dougherty PDF

Sarah Warner Ottley

Sarah Warner Ottley PDF

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