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Welcome to the Ontario County Historical Society Bookstore



Memories of the Heart II
An Armchair History of the Town of Canandaigua

by Ray Henry

This book recollects by personal interviews of some of the lesser known facts and lore about the Town of Canandaigua’s historical sites. Paperback.


Legands, Landmarks, Locals
of Ontario County New York

by Timothy Munn

A unique look at Ontario County through photos and interviews, uncovering the stories of its people and places. Paperback

$ 25.00


The Natural Science Camp at Tichenor Point

by Ray Henry

Shares the story from 1890-1905 of The Natural Science Camp at Tichenor Point, Canandaigua, NY and Professor Albert L. Arey

$ 14.95

The Iroquois, the United States, and the Treaty of Canandaigua, 1794

by Michael Leroy Oberg

The Iroquois, the United States, and the Treaty of Canandaigua, 1794

$ 23.95

Rochester History

by Preston E. Pierce

Liberian Dreams, West African Nightmare: The Life of Henry W. Johnson, who left early Canandaigua to resettle in Libera. Paperback

$ 5.00

The Chronicle History of Ontario County DVDs

by Marvin Rapp

Classic history by Dr. Marvin Rapp. DVD reformatted from the Original 1990s VHS Video. A comprehensive and diverse look at Ontario County’s history.
*Special Order*

$ 39.95

Jesse Hawley’s Dream
Original Folk Songs – a CD

CD of original folk songs developed in conjunction with a 5th grade class at the Canandaigua elementary school.  Great songs  and a unique CD for your  collection.

$ 12.95

Stand Up and Cheer
a History of Football at Canandaigua Academy

by Robert Chavez

A chronicled history of 82 seasons of football at Canandaigua Academy, 1888-1999. Great Index of names and games. Paperback.

$ 1.00

Small Wonder
Squaw Island Canandaigua Lake

by Dr. Preston E. Pierce

Squaw Island, a treasure of Canandaigua Lake, is a legendary reminder of our Native-American heritage. This book is the complete story of the island and importance, history and struggle to survive. Paperback.

$ 15.00

Walking Tour
Historical Business District

by the Ontario County Historical Society

A pamphlet. Self guided walking tour with a map and a brief history of properties in the Canandaigua South Main Street Business District.

$ 1.00

Early Canandaigua Architecture 1790-1850

by Louis M. Clark, Jr.

A chronicle of many of the structures and homes that were built in the first several generations of Canandaigua’s history. Stories of the first settlers who occupied them. Hand sketeches of early Canandaigua buildings. Hard bound.

$ 59.95

A Man Who Could Stand Prosperity
John North Willys

by Preston E. Pierce

The unrecognized legacy of John North Willys, a Canandaigua native who rose in industry to rival Henry Ford in the auto Industry . This book chronicles the life and business career of this industrialist motorman. Facinating read. Sprial bound.

$ 4.95

Memories of the Heart I – 1900 to 1950

by Ray Henry

An oral history of people and families from the Town of Canandaigua that tells the town’s story from 1900-1950.

$ 21.95

The Fish Horn Alarm
More Stories of Country Folk Life

by J. Sheldon Fisher

A folktale book about town of Victor by the historian Sheldon Fisher. Timeless short stories. Paperback

$ 9.95

And Who Was She Anyhow?
Sarah H. Bradford – Biographer of Harriet Tubman

by Preston E. Pierce

A chronicle of the biographer of abolitionist, Harriet Tubman, paperback.

$ 8.25


America’s First Rushville

by Robert Elbridge Moody

A comprehensive history of Rushville, NY from it’s early beginnings through 1990 by Historian Robert Moody. Hard bound.

$ 40.00

New York Upstate in 1905

Actual Newspaper stories from upstate newspapers during the year 1905. Gives a flavour of people and culture in the early 1900s.

$ 16.95

Frogleg George:
The Legend No One Really Knew

by John M. Robertella

John Preissecker was known as Frogleg George. Find out why. This book brings this unique character and Rochester legend to life. Paperback.

$ 9.95

Lisk Better Quality
History of the Lisk Manufacturing Company

by Lynda McCurdy Hotra

CLEARANCE ITEM!! An illustrated history of this Canandaigua company’s 80 years of manufacturing “anti-rust tin ware” household items. Liskware revolutionized the American Kitchen. Soft bound. Only $1.

$ 1.00


A Spirited Trip Through the Finger Lakes & Upstate New York: America’s Gateway to the West

by Donald E. Kneeland

As the ghost writer of this book, Mr. Kneeland borrows the identities of several historical figures to answer the question “how things got to be the way they are” Paperback.

$ 19.95


Seat of Justice; Witness to History

by Dr. Preston E. Pierce

A history of the famous Ontario County Courthouse where Susan B. Anthony was tried for illegal voting in 1872. Paperback.

$ 2.00

Canandaigua and Canandaigua Lake

by Preston E. Pierce

From the Arcadia Series. A pictorial history of postcards about places and scenes of Canandaigua, NY, “The Chosen Spot”. Soft Bound

$ 21.99

The Complete Guide to Village Life in America

by Nancy T. Hayden

The accompanying guide to Carolyn Cowles Richards classic diary, “Village Life in America”. Learn more about the people and places in mid 1800’s Canandaigua. Sprial bound.

$ 19.95

Ontario County Transportation: Images of America

by Timothy D. Munn & Zachary M. Buttaccio

From the Arcadia Series. Pictures depicting 100 years of early transportation in Ontario County, NY from the 1860’s to the 1960’s. Great memories. Soft Bound.

$ 19.99

West Lake Legacy – The Road to Onanda VIDEO

A DVD video account about the history of the legacy of West Lake Road, Canandaigua, NY. Many unique scenes and memories of the Lake.

$ 9.95

The Settlers of Naples 1790

An early history of the settlers of this region. Includes maps illustrations, bibliography and Appendices. 1990 Soft Cover. 61 pages. By local Historian Bruce Maxfield Gelser.


Nundawao The Oldest Seneca Village

The History of the Seneca Indians in the Naples Valley. By Robert Verhile. 27 pages, Soft cover, Illustrated by Darryll Abraham; photos by William Banaszewski.

$ 3.00

Skip Pierce’s Canandaigua Lake Fishing Guide

The definiative insider’s guide to fishing on Canandaigua Lake. Originally written in 1970 by Skip Pierce, Master Fisherman. This book shows you the locations, depths and type of bait to use to catch various species found in the lake. Illustrated and photographs soft cover 32 pages.

$ 4.50